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Immigration formalities

Every year, thousands of people migrate to Spain to buy their dream home, to start a company, to work or to study. Whether you are looking to emigrate from your country to come to Spain to work or study we can help you. We know it can be frustrating spending time completing paperwork and documentation, only to find that something has been filled in incorrectly.

With the correct immigration lawyer in Spain, this process can be quick, simple and stress-free. It does not matter where you intend to be located in Spain or where you need the NIE for.

Our team of efficient professionals can apply for and obtain a NIE for you promptly. If at any point you feel the need to speak to a professional, just contact LN Solicitors by phone, whatsapp or email.


Many clients seeking justice for being treated unfairly or even contractual disputes. We provide clear and coherent information, while giving an efficient and cost effective service to all our clients who are looking for help with litigation in Spain.

LN Solicitors represents the interests of our clients throughout Spain, with extensive experience in litigation of various kinds.

Process on probate law, probate, family issues, separation, divorce and disability, immigration process, etc. When a dispute arises we will explain your options to you as well as the Spanish legal process and the costs of any litigation, without hidden fees. Court representation. You will be updated at any moment during the procedure.

If you are looking for professional advice with your litigation query in Spain, do not hesitate to contact our team of dedicated, multinational lawyers today, by phone, whatsapp or email.


When you have a property and other assets in Spain, at some point you will want to consider who will inherit them.

The inheritance law in Spain means that the Spanish inheritance functions differently from that of other countries. Making a will in Spanish can help ensure your wishes are carried out the way you think. If you have to inherit assets in Spain the process can be difficult to understand.

We will be happy to handle the inheritance procedures for you. We register the death, process the will, negotiate the proper division of assets, register the new ownership of properties in Spain, and respond to any other inheritance issues. The first steps are to know whether a Spanish will was drawn up, and whether the deceased was a resident or non-resident of Spain.

Our heritage experts have years of experience in supporting families through difficult times after a mourning. We will work closely with you to ensure that the Spanish inheritance process is completed as smoothly as possible. If at any time you feel the need to talk to a professional, just contact LN Solicitors by phone, whatsapp or email.

Family Law

We will help you with any area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations. This include marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, domestic partnerships, reproductive rights, paternity, guardianship, foster care, child abuse…

Our aim is to make family law issues in Spain as easy as we can. We will provide you all the necessary information to solve the problems.

If at any point you feel the need to speak to a professional, just contact LN Solicitors by phone, whatsapp or email.


Whether you are thinking of buying or selling a property, our lawyers and conveyancing experts in Spain can help you. Buying and selling property is usually complicated if you don’t know the Spanish law. It is important not to leave it to chance and to take legal advice. You need to be sure that the people you choose to do your conveyancing in Spain are trustworthy, reputable and acting in your best interests.

At LN Solicitors we pride ourselves on our reputation and customer care. Our aim is to make conveyancing in Spain as easy and problem-free as we can. If you are looking for advice or assistance with conveyancing, we offer a free 30-minute initial consultation with no obligation. During this meeting we will discuss our service and wherever possible, we will offer a fixed fee so that you know exactly what your costs will be from the outset.


Non-resident and resident property owners are required to pay tax in Spain. The rules that operate can be difficult to understand and if you don’t follow them correctly you can be subject to fines and interest payments.

The LN Solicitors tax department is an established and trusted team who are there to help you understand how taxes in Spain work and help you to be compliant.

Our experts will be happy to talk to you about tax in Spain and find the right solution for you. We are there throughout the year to provide advice and help you understand the Spanish tax system. Owning property, doing business or taking up residence in Spain: all involve Spanish tax obligations. With fixed rates you will be explained your fiscal responsibilities in advance so you know what to expect – and when. It’s essential to get tax and tax-planning issues right from the start: they’re not matters only for the wealthy.

If at any point you feel the need to speak to a professional, just contact LN Solicitors by phone, whatsapp or email.